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Mini-Kickers is BACK!

Carib SSFC are back with their Mini-Kickers sessions for youngsters aged from 4-6 years old. The sessions will be running between 9:45am – 10:45am every Saturday starting on 1st May. It’s a perfect chance to Read more…

Welcome to Carib SSFC

Carib SSFC is a charitable youth sports organisation founded in 2003 and we provide an opportunity for youth in the central Leicester area. We aim to teach the fundamentals of football & progress at a Read more…

May 2021
Carib SSFC U7Away09/05/202109:30 AMBeaumont Town (Pumas)
Windrush U8Home09/05/202109:30 AMThompsons United
Carib SSFC U9Away09/05/202110:00 AMGNG Jr (Lions)
Carib SSFC U10Away09/05/202110:30 AMKibworth Town (Wolves)
Carib SSFC U8Home09/05/202111:30 AMFootball & Fitness (Lions)
Windrush U11Home09/05/202112:00 PMRothley Imps
Carib SSFC U11Away09/05/202112:30 PMBardon Hill Jr (Eagles)
Carib SSFC U13Home09/05/202102:00 PMHarborough Town Jr
Carib SSFC U11Home12/05/202107:00 PMBeaumont Town
Carib SSFC U10Away16/05/202109:30 AMHinckley Town Jr (Blues)
Carib SSFC U7Home16/05/202110:30 AMWhetstone Jr (Pumas)
Carib SSFC U8Away16/05/202110:30 AMWhetstone Jr (Pumas)
Windrush U8Away16/05/202110:30 AMGroby Jr (Spartans)
Carib SSFC U11Away16/05/202112:30 PMAFC Andrews (Terriers)
Carib SSFC U9Home16/05/202101:00 PMCoalville Town (Ravens)
Carib SSFC U13Home16/05/202102:00 PMSyston Town Jr (Colts)
Carib SSFC U15Home16/05/202102:00 PMWhetstone Jr (Panthers)
Windrush U11Home18/05/202106:30 PMOadby Owls (Tawnys)
Carib SSFC U15Away19/05/202106:30 PMAFC Andrews (Vikings)
Carib SSFC U8Away23/05/202109:30 AMGreen Tower (Knights)
Carib SSFC U11Away23/05/202110:30 AMFC Burbage (Wildcats)
Windrush U11Away23/05/202110:30 AMMarkfield, Bagworth & Thornton Colts
Carib SSFC U7Home23/05/202110:30 AMMarkfield, Bagworth & Thornton (Tigers)
Carib SSFC U9Away23/05/202110:30 AMAnstey Nomads (Swifts)
Carib SSFC U10Away23/05/202112:30 PMCroft Jr (Blues)
Carib SSFC U13Home23/05/202102:00 PMFC Burbage Jr (Pumas)
Windrush U11Home25/05/202106:30 PMDesford FC (Blues)
Carib SSFC U10Away30/05/202110:30 AMSaffron Dynamo (Foxes)
Carib SSFC U7Home30/05/202110:30 AMAylestone Park Youth
Carib SSFC U15Away30/05/202111:30 AMAsfordby FC (Foxes)
Carib SSFC U8Home30/05/202111:30 AMHarborough Town Jr (Rangers)
Windrush U8Away30/05/202111:30 AMGreen Tower (Dragons)
Carib SSFC U9Home30/05/202101:30 PMBarrow Town (Mavericks)

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