Competitive Youth Programme – Advanced players 6yrs +

This is an extremely important part of a player’s playing and physical development as it makes the transition from the small-sided game format (7v7 & 9v9) all the way through to the full-sided game at u14 level.

Because of the differences in physical maturity at these age groups it is vital that the focus is aimed at a player’s decision-making ability and their technical execution rather than the physical.

This development stage sees the training change from a more individual focus to more of a team dynamic as more tactical elements are introduced.

Coaching Philosophy:  The philosophy of the programme is to create an environment focused heavily on player development, while ensuring the players compete at their very best at all times.

The primary objective is for every player, regardless of team level, to work at their maximum for every single session and every game, whilst learning their roles and responsibilities within the team function.

Expectations are high for all players at Carib however, depending on the team level, a commitment to training and playing may differ slightly.

All players will be exposed to quality coaching and player movement between teams is possible if deemed appropriate.

Ages & Fees

Age: 6-16 years

Fee: £160 per year

  • £100 to be paid in August to cover registration with child’s full name & age group as reference.
  • £60 to be paid to the club account by December 1st

Required Equipment: Football boots & shin pads.

Kit: Match kit & for registered players

Registration fees are pro-rata during the season –

  • Aug – July = £160
  • Mar – July = £100

Club Account Details:

Carib Sports & Social Club

Account No: 03448049

Sort Code: 30-94-97

Competitive Program Commitment

The focus will be to develop the players and the team to reach their full potential.  In order to achieve those goals, attendance at practice, games and tournaments is important.

Playing time on the team is earned based on practice and game performances, as well as dictated by the flow of play and opposition in any particular game.

Training will be set up to allow players to develop individually in a group environment. Practices will be structured so that the player will be expected to work hard, enjoy coming to practice and to spend time on their own outside of practices/games trying to improve their overall game.

Please be aware of the time commitment required for these teams 

These teams are a year-round team and will train twice weekly as well as participate in additional academy matches along with their weekend fixtures. There may also be various winter and summer training commitments & tournaments.

The number of practices and the requirement for attendance at practices and games will necessitate a very high degree of dedication on the part of all team players and their parents.

If your child is selected and you cannot make such a commitment, please do not accept a spot on the team. If you are accepted on a team and cannot maintain your commitments to the team, your playing time may be limited to represent the level of commitment or attendance.

Team Fees

Registration fees cover training, player costs and club operating costs. Team fees cover tournament entry fees, coach travel and other team expenses. These fees vary depending on the tournaments and number of players. The team fees are collected in instalments by the team manager and placed in a team account.

Please be aware that team fees are an additional expense beyond the registration.

As a member of the team, you are expected to be proactive in fundraising along with the rest of the team families. All funds raised are for the benefit of the team and remain as team funds, not club funds.