Carib SSFC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing high-quality programming that provides the opportunity to play football at all skill levels for children ages 4 to 16yrs.

Our vision is to ensure all our players’ personal goals are met by improving their individual skills, confidence, fitness and encouraging excellent sportsmanship and cooperative teamwork under the guidance of our experienced coaching staff.

Fee Structure

Registration Fee £100 payable first week of August of that season
Football Fees

£160 per year August-to- September
New participant fees from Mar- Sep £100
Apr-Sep £80
May-Sep £60
Jun-Sep £40
Jul-Sep £20

Payment Options

Instalment option is offered.

An initial payment of £100 to be paid by August with the remaining £60 to be paid by December 31st

What Do Your Club Registration Fees Cover?

  • Player registration fee.
  • Player league registration.
  • Coach background checks.
  • League registration fees.
  • Operational & administrative costs.
  • Equipment & maintenance.
  • Licensed and experienced coaching/training staff.
  • Twice weekly training sessions weather permitting.
  • competitive football base on ability.

What Additional Team Expenses Are There?

In addition to the program fees explained above, the members of each team are responsible for sharing the costs of team-specific expenses such as:

  • Tournament registration fees
  • Some travel expenses for out-of-area games and tournaments
  • Each family’s own travel expenses associated with team commitments

Fees are equal per player whether attending every event or not.

Refund Requests

Upon joining Carib SSFC, you are expected to pay the full registration fees for the entire year, even if you leave the club prior to the end of the season.

We do review exceptional cases for consideration of a refund.