The Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation

This year Carib SSFC have been fortunate enough to receive some funding from The Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation that enables us to provide new goals, training equipment & season essentials which is a massive benefit to us across all of our age groups

What is a Community Foundation?

A charity dedicated to help you give to local communities and local needs by offering an inexpensive infrastructure, local knowledge and support.

The Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation are a charity who helps local individuals and companies to give money, in a tax efficient way, directly to local needs. They enable local philanthropy & set up inexpensive charitable grant giving funds on behalf of families, individuals and companies & also deliver grants for government, and reinvigorate dormant funds. They are also specialists in giving grants to “unsung unseen” charitable and voluntary groups that keep our city and counties healthy, safe and thriving.